Volume 39, pp. 186-201, 2012.

Spectral analysis of a block-triangular preconditioner for the bidomain system in electrocardiology

Luca Gerardo-Giorda and Lucia Mirabella


In this paper we analyze in detail the spectral properties of the block-triangular preconditioner introduced by Gerardo-Giorda et al. [J. Comput. Phys., 228 (2009), pp. 3625–3639] for the Bidomain system in non-symmetric form. We show that the conditioning of the preconditioned problem is bounded in the Fourier space independently of the frequency variable, ensuring quasi-optimality with respect to the mesh size. We derive an explicit formula to optimize the preconditioner performance by identifying a parameter that depends only on the coefficients of the problem and is easy to compute. We provide numerical tests in three dimensions that confirm the optimality of the parameter and the substantial independence of the mesh size.

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Key words

electrocardiology, Bidomain system, preconditioning, finite elements

AMS subject classifications

65M60, 65M12, 65F08

Links to the cited ETNA articles

[18]Vol. 35 (2009), pp. 234-256 Mauro Perego and Alessandro Veneziani: An efficient generalization of the Rush--Larsen method for solving electro-physiology membrane equations

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