Volume 43, pp. 70-89, 2014-2015.

Estimates for the bilinear form $x^T A^{-1} y$ with applications to linear algebra problems

Paraskevi Fika, Marilena Mitrouli, and Paraskevi Roupa


Let $A \in \mathbb{R}^{p\times p}$ be a nonsingular matrix and $x,y$ vectors in $\mathbb{R}^p$. The task of this paper is to develop efficient estimation methods for the bilinear form $x^TA^{-1}y$ based on the extrapolation of moments of the matrix $A$ at the point $-1.$ The extrapolation method and estimates for the trace of $A^{-1}$ presented in Brezinski et al. [Numer. Linear Algebra Appl., 19 (2012), pp. 937–953] are extended, and families of estimates efficiently approximating the bilinear form requiring only few matrix vector products are derived. Numerical approximations of the entries and the trace of the inverse of any real nonsingular matrix are presented and several numerical results, discussions, and comparisons are given.

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Key words

extrapolation, matrix moments, matrix inverse, trace

AMS subject classifications

65F15, 65F30, 65B05, 65C05, 65J10, 15A18, 15A45

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Vol. 47 (2017), pp. 179-196 Marilena Mitrouli and Paraskevi Roupa: Vector estimates for f(A)b via extrapolation

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